My Professional Portfolio

My professional writing website can be viewed by clicking here and some of my published clips are available below.

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“Each member of our class of about 15 people, who range from teens to forty-somethings, claims a square on the three-by-six trampoline grid that’s to be our gym for the next hour. After the stretching and gentle warm-up jumps, I’m thinking this class is going to be child’s play. Brantley puts that thought to rest as he shows the class how to do a burpee on a trampoline.”

“San Diego-born songstress Leanna Patterson has long, turquoise hair that matches her eyes, and a unique thrift-store style that complements her whiskey-tainted tunes. She and Puck, her husband-slash-band-mate, are The Whiskey Circle, a local indie rock duo whose moniker references a favorite household ritual.”

movement lab“When a trainer at North County’s new dance-inspired fitness boutique challenged me to “discover why Swan Lake is harder on the arms than the legs,” I jumped at the chance. The Movement Lab offers a slew of sexy, sweat sessions including group burlesque, twerk and Buti yoga….

As a woman who’s more accustomed to pumping iron than pirouetting, I thought the class would be a stretch for me, but I found it to be fun and surprisingly approachable.”

“Rowan says she likes to create a sense of ‘chaos and chance’ in her work, often trying to challenge viewers’ perception of sexuality in her work by distorting the female form in her paintings.”

“Northern California native Casey Paulson, who flew into town in 2012 and recently landed a bartending gig at the new Bankers Hill Bar + Restaurant in San Diego International Airport’s Terminal 1, won’t say whether he’s a member of the mile-high club.”

“‘The type of life I’ve had, the struggles that I face, I think people get really excited seeing someone like me enter the cage, someone who’s faced a lot of adversity,” says Real, who has grappled not only tough human opponents but also cancer. “With every fight, I want to recognize that I’m fighting for the less fortunate.'”



portfolio2A compilation of the top waterfall hikes in Southern California. I researched several waterfall locations in San Diego and L.A. Counties in order to compile a list of the top nine waterfall hiking trails in the area. In this article I included level of difficulty involved in each hike, distance to the waterfall, directions to the trail head, as well as other “insider” tips. I had to do thorough online research to obtain the information necessary.

readerA compilation of the top nightlife destinations in San Diego, including information on speakeasies, after-hours establishments and more. I worked with a team of writers to research and write about these 100+ locations.



portfolio 1An informative, quirky and entertaining interview with Michael Mcgriff, a San Diego fashion powerhouse and business owner. I conducted and recorded a lengthy interview with Mcgriff at a downtown restaurant before compiling this Q&A for Locale.



meatheadA look inside the San Diego bodybuilding world. This in-depth article includes several expert interviews, photos and a multimedia video, all done by myself. This article was done as part of a class project and was chosen as one of the top five finished projects by my professor.


megan5A controversial look at the modern-day sexism taking place on Southern California college campuses and within the sports industry as a whole. I utilized first-person narrative, thorough research on sports history, and conducted interviews with sports professionals at Mesa College to create a feature opinion piece. This article won “First Place Opinion Story” at the Journalism Association of Community College’s state-wide competition. I was the first Mesa College student to receive a first place award at this competition.


megan2This WordPress blog has had over 10,000 views and has accumulated nearly 1,000 followers. I would post regular anecdotes on my dating life, relationship tips and top 10 lists. This blog was scouted by an editor at the San Diego Reader who chose to add one of my posts in their “Blog Diego” section. This blog also landed me a feature in Pacific San Diego Magazine‘s 2013 Valentine’s Day issue.

megan4This is my new health and fitness blog, started January 2014. I am working on implementing a SEO/SMM strategy to increase followers and web traffic. My main goal is to write relevant and helpful content on a regularly scheduled basis. I have created a content calendar to ensure regular posting on a diverse variety of topics geared towards my audience: young to middle-aged adults interested in learning about healthy eating tips, recipes and easy workouts. My goal is to have over 10,000 organic page views and at least 1,000 followers by August 2015.