Top 3 Benefits of Infrared Saunas

As I sat naked in my private and cozy Far Infrared Sauna in San Diego, sweating my ass off, I found myself grinning ear-to-ear with my eyes closed as I listened to a Chakra-cleansing meditation under the glow of the changing rainbow-colored light above my head.


These Infrared Sauna sessions have been so unlike the painstaking electric or steam saunas, which usually leave me feeling depleted, exhausted and unnecessarily frizz-headed. Infrared Saunas are different because they heat your body from the inside out using Infrared light which penetrates human tissue… as opposed to just making the room hot AF, thus, making you feel hot AF.


So, aside from just the nice little sweat soak, what are the top 3 benefits of using Infrared Saunas?

• Detox – The infrared light can reach deeper layers, helping to cleanse the body from heavy metals and environmental toxins. “When compared to traditional Swedish saunas, infrared saunas allow you to eliminate about seven times more toxins,” writes Amy Myers in her article on MindBodyGreen.

• Heart Health – If used at least two times a week, Infrared Saunas have been shown to lower blood pressure, activate the circulatory system and improve blood flow.

• Relaxation- This is by far my favorite benefit of using a private Infrared Sauna room. The Infrared light lowers cortisol (stress hormone) levels, relaxes muscles and decreases inflammation, allowing you to just melt into a relaxed, euphoric sweat puddle. These are just some of the tracks I love listening to during my 40-min sauna sessions to up my relaxation game:

  • “Say Yes” by Veeresh and the Humaniversity
  • “Chaitanya” by Hari Deuter
  • “Balanacing your Chakras with Healing Energy” by Great Meditation
  • “A Different Drum” by Peter Gabriel
  • “Awaken the Snake” by Peruquois

Infrared Saunas are also notorious for boosting collagen levels which leads to glowing skin, ramping up metabolic rate and torching calories; although, as a certified personal trainer, I would advise people against using saunas as a weight loss tool.  And if you find a location that offers Chromothrapy – which is the science of using colors to adjust body vibrations to frequencies that result in health and harmony – then you’re in for even deeper healing!

Give it a try and let me know what you think!


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